“The highest form of selfishness is that of the man who is content to go to heaven alone. The truest charity is to endeavor to share with others every spark of religious light we posses ourselves, and so to hold our own candle that it may give light to every one around us.”
— J.C. Ryle, luke, p.257
“It’s only too true that sight, and sense , and feeling, make men very poor theologians.”
— J.C. Ryle, Luke, p.263
“To be weary of working for God is sinful, but to be wearied and worn in doing God’s work is no sin at all. Jesus himself was weary, and Jesus slept.”
— J.C. Ryle, Luke, p.268
“If we cannot do what we want, let us do what we can. Let us work with what tools we have. While we are lingering and waiting souls are perishing.”
— J.C. Ryle
“Keep the walls of separation as low as possible, and shake hands over them as often as you can.”
— J.C. Ryle